I am planning on upgrading to 6.2 this evening from 5.5 this is my plan of attack am I missing anything or adding extra steps?

BACKUP - Offload
Change Ip
stop agent logs
upgrade to 6.01283
Upgrade to 6.2.109329
Update to 6.2.109330
Upgrade agent Bundle to 6.2.1020
update agent Bundle to 6.2.1030

Start Agent Logs

My plan is to also upgrade my virtual server the OVF this weekend to 6.2 as well. I have been having slowness issues when we search tickets in the service desk. Support was not able to find anything in the database or the tables and suggested upgrading the ovf should help since I am running an old ovf which only had 4MB maximum cache ( I think per support).

Thank you!
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  • I'd enable SSH if it's not already enabled, just in case. It's recommended prior to any upgrades.
  • you will not need to step thru versions of the client update, just load the newest bundle and start provisioning
  • Thank you gentleman. I did the upgrade and besides freaking taking 6 hours it went smooth. Not sure why but my backup and reboots take 1 hour each.
    • That can be due to history retention. You can tweak what you retain and it should help. Try that, and if it's still taking an hour, submit a support ticket and have KACE take a look. If you have a lot of clients, MIs and such, it may just take a while though.
  • I changed the asset history retention from forever to 6 months and with the 6.2 upgrade - it helped. Last 2 nights my backups took only 34 minutes.
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