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I've been looking through the custom ticket rules and I know it's possible to set a rule that when a person creates a ticket in our service desk I can specify another person to be automatically added to the cc list.  However doing this on a per person basis would just be way too tedious.


Is there a way to make this group based?  Like if you created a label that specified all the users in a department and anyone under that department label would CC their manager?  I didn't see an option for that.

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You have to be pretty good at SQL and managing KACE to do this, but it is possible.

  1. You would have to first be able to identify the managers automatically and I would say the best way for that is to use your AD import.  You could grab the "manager" AD property and import it into one of the 4 available custom fields on your LDAP import. Keep in mind that is going to be in the LDAP format which is pretty ugly.
  2. You will also need to grab everyone's "distingushedname" property as a custom attribute as well.
  3. You create a New Ticket Rule that just looks for Status = New.  It does not matter what the Update query is because you are going to disable the update anyway.
  4. Follow the wizard to the "Ticket Rule : Edit Detail" and change
    • Frequency to "On Ticket Save"
    • Uncheck "Run Update"
    • Enable "Send an email for each result row"
    • Fill in Subject and Message
    • In "Email Column" enter "groupmail" (This will be a variable you will pull from your query results)
  5. This is where your SQL skills will come in.  You will need to modify the Select query so it joins the USER table so that the USER table joins back to itself on the custom attribute for the submitter's "Manager"  to the distingushed name attribute.  From there you should be able to get the manager's email address.
  6. in the SQL query you set the alias for the manager's email address to "groupmail" as noted in step 4.

This way if you have Managers already filled in in AD you can leverage that in KACE



Answered 11/04/2014 by: JordanNolan
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It would be a custom rule. In theory its possible but not something you will see as an option

Answered 01/26/2013 by: jdornan
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