We are having an issue with duplicate tickets. One of the biggest issues is users are asked to CC their managers and supervisors at times and every time a person replies to the email chain KACE creates a new ticket. Is there a way to avoid this from happening or to auto merge all replies into the same ticket?
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  • Apparently you can only reply 3 deep, so I started a new comment:
    You can create a ticket rule that will close/delete any tickets that begin with "RE:" Which all those emails should. This way only the original ticket remains on the queue. This will mess with your Ticket numbering, but unfortunately, the only other solution would be procedural.
    • Thank you! I will bring this up and see what the managers want to do.
      • Sure thing, if I think of anything else I'll post it here.
  • So this worked perfectly but when i change the status to waiting on customer it will not and keeps going to customer responded? Why?
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You can add the ticket number to the end of all subjects in any emails generated by KACE.  KACE will then update the comments on that ticket on any replies it receives.
For Built in ticket emails use variable $ticket_number
For Custom ticket Rules use the following exactly: TICK:$id
I like to add  [ ] around it such as [TICK:$id] but you don't have to have the brackets.
Answered 07/28/2016 by: Soloman007
Orange Belt

  • What if they are emailing into HelpDesk@Company.com to generate an automated ticket before there is a ticket number assigned?
    • So they email Helpdesk@Company.com then CC people, then the CC group does a ReplyAll email?
      • Right, the original email to the HelpDesk is being CC'd to the managers and others affected and then everyone is hitting the "reply to all" to generate duplicate tickets.
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