We have a Dell Kace K1000 that I have inherited at our office. WE have scripts to do monthly patching on every third Sunday. This has been working well for a year now. I turned it on this morning, and the K1000 appliance popped up a brief message saying it wouldn't be installing anything because there were no updates to the subscriptions.
Puzzled, because I had changed nothing, I looked in the patch subscription settings and found it had been disabled, with the last batch of updates for a few months ago. So I changed it to "files detected as missing", and set it for the 16th of the month at 11pm (our patching should go out on the 17th)
About 15 minutes later, I got a bunch of angry e.mails saying systems were rebooting because of kind kind of Kace updates.
Panicked, I set the patch subscriptions back to "disabled".
Of course upper management is now pissed at me, and wants to know what happened. I'm not sure what happened, so I'm reaching out to the K1000 community for answers. What happened??
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"WE have scripts to do monthly patching on every third Sunday."
-KACE does not support this kind of scheduling with cron. If you read up on this kace uses the basic cron.
So 0 3 15-21 * 0 is any day that is a Sunday OR any day that is the 15th-21st.

I have a theory that some older(read this as before 5.1) boxes used a different version of cron that allows for advanced scheduling.
IF your boxed behaved that way it may have gotten "corrected" with your last update and you didn't notice it because your patch subscriptions were turned off when your kbox was updated.


You hit "Run Now" on accident.
Answered 05/12/2015 by: htomlinson
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  • The scheduling part is accurate. I use this cron generator to start schedules. It doesn't add things like /2, but it will give you the general format and structure: http://www.openjs.com/scripts/jslibrary/demos/crontab.php
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If the script began to run immediately after you made those changes then the two most likely possibilities are:

1. Instead of hitting "Save" you hit "Run Now"
2. or, the time when the script was set to run was set improperly. 

Answered 05/12/2015 by: Ben M
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I have to agree with the other two posts. I have done this very thing on more than one occasion. I hit the "Run Now" instead of "Save". I have done it so many times I have suggested that the Run Now button button be moved to the far right and away from the save button.

The only other option is that the script was incorrect and a patch took away whatever hole the script was taking advantage of.
Answered 05/13/2015 by: dwrichards
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