We have mostly part-time students staffing our Help Desk, so we need the Service Desk ticket category list to easily searchable. If they can't find something right away, they often select the wrong category when someone calls the Help Desk (the self-service portal does not display all of the categories).  During our early testing phase of KACE, I noticed that if you click into the Category field and start typing, your list of categories is quickly filtered down to only the categories that contain the word you are searching for. However it will not display subcategories in the results. I can understand why this might be by design, because it may not be desirable in all Help Desks. 

The problem we have with this is that our student staff will often search different ways for a category. If someone brings in their iPad and wants to connect it to their university email, some of our staff will search for "Email" while others search for "iPad" or "iOS"  Initially we started off with "Email & Calendar::iOS Mail Client for iPhone and iPad" When I found out that a search for "iOS" or "iPad" would not find the correct category, I changed the subcategory to a top level (hyphenated) category "Email & Calendar - iOS Mail Client for iPhone and iPad"

So now what we have is a very long list of top-level categories (a little more than 100). While the list is long, the search field will quickly narrow down the list, so a student will find the most appropriate category whether they type "Email", "iOS", or "iPad." That's brilliant, and it works well for us. So I'm not really sure I am making a complaint or a feature request. I'm just curious to know how others have handled this, or if it has even been an issue. I will need to write some reports to capture multiple top-level categories for combined metrics (all Email & Calendar tickets for example), but that's not a big deal. I do use some sub-categories for things that would not need to be searched (functional sub-categories) like "Desktop Computer::Deploy New Desktop Computer" or "Desktop Computer::Move Desktop Computer"


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