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When our ticket owners print out their tickets, if a field has too many characters it is shrinking everything and making it unreadable. Is there a way to change the way things print out?

Related question... Is there a way to customize the look and feel more for the service desk? For example, changing the width of an input box or the width of field descriptors so the field name doesn't wrap.

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If you're referring to the Service Desk > Tickets overview screen, you can get a more print friendly view by selecting Choose Action > Export to CSV format.  The listed columns and their respective widths in this screen are adjustable in the Service Desk > Configuration > Departments > select your queue > Customize Fields and Layout > Ticket List Layout section (at the bottom of this screen).

If you're instead referring to the individual tickets' screens, I don't believe these were intended to be printed as-is.  Typically, though, reports can be created for these in which printing is an intended function.  The wizard should be able to get most everything you need here.


Answered 01/11/2013 by: jverbosk
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  • That's helpful. Our technicians are used to printing off individual tickets as they are out on campuses (we're a school district). So, the intention is for the owner to sort work orders to get what they want and then either export to csv or create a report from that view. Is that right?

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The sorting and filtering can be done in either the KACE view or Excel (or other spreadsheet) if they just want the ticket listing.  You can also create reports that do the sort and filter in the database and output the pertinent information.

What exactly are they trying to print?  Is it the ticket form or the "[Printer Friendly]" version accessed directly under the ticket number?  The page will look horrible if they are trying to print the form (with drop downs and buttons).  We do occasionally use the printer friendly version if we need to print a ticket and have not had issues.

Answered 01/15/2013 by: grayematter
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  • Yeah, I ended up creating reports based on location that actually look better than the old system and print on less paper. We've only been using the helpdesk for a week and it's an adjustment from the old system.
  • Good catch - missed the Printer Friendly link.

  • I told them to use the printer friendly link, but if the description of the problem is too long it would not word wrap and force it to shrink and be almost unreadable. That might just be a print setting, but it would also print on multiple pages. The reports worked much better, looked prettier and used less paper.

    The hardest thing I'm finding about using KACE is that there are about 5 different ways to do everything. Nice that it's so flexible and powerful, but sometimes overwhelming in the complexity.