We recently implemented the service desk.  We see the attachments being captured when users send in emails to the Helpdesk and we see that they upload fine when using the portal, but end users never get attachments we send them.  Is there a configuration switch that blocks this?

Please tell me that this is not like CCing a someone on an email where the K1000 just ignores it.


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  • We too can only pickup attachments by logging into the service desk. Customers have also reported not receiving attachments when we send them to a ticket via email or the service desk but they are indeed attached to the service desk when you login to the k1000. Our workaround is to send attachments outside of the system. If we get them via an email we just log into the service desk and retrieve them that way.

    So yes, just like the cc.

    However I would gladly be wrong and would also seek this ability.
  • Here is their response:

    This is normal behavior of the appliance. This is a built in feature for reasons like:

    1. The size of the file sent may cause bandwidth lag during high traffic usage.
    2. In case the file is accidentally sent to the wrong user.
    3. Preventative measures of being a security risk.

    Is it just me or does it drive you nuts when someone calls a deficiency a "feature". I responded that I was not buying any of these excuses.

    Really? the end user can send in any attachemen they want and KACE accepts it - "Hey is this attached 15MB file a bunch of viruses?", but attachments from the highly trained technician is the problem?

    1. So we can use the appliance to deploy a 500 MB Office install, but the occasional 1 MB Word doc could cause a problem.
    2. Our technicians are stupid. But really how could they mess this up. KACE is supposed to send it to the person listed as the submitter right? The have just increased the risk of sending it to the wrong person.
    3. They found some security flaw and rather than fix it they ignore it.

    So now I have to pay professional services for a customization. Really?
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Answered 01/24/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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