Could please any help me create report as time to create, time to close, technician ID, time to resolved (Duration) accordingly business hours and holidays.
Appreciate if any one help me on this.

Best Regards

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  • Just so I understand.

    time to create = Time the ticket was created
    time to close = How long the ticket was open
    technician ID = ticket owner
    time to resolved = Is this the same as "time to close"

    Can you elaborate on "accordingly business hours and holidays"?

    Are you able to describe in more detail how you would like to to look and when this report is to be sent or is it a on-demand report for the last x days?
    • time to create = Time the ticket was created
      time to resolved = Time the ticket was resolved (in progress to resolved time )
      technician ID = ticket owner
      time to respond = How long was taken to resolve the ticket, this should be considered only business hours and holidays. e.g ( business hours Sunday - Thursday 8.30-17.30, time to create Sunday 16.30, time to resolved Monday 9.30, time to respond should be 0day, 2 hours, 00 min.)
      • Ahhh. Ok I will see what I can come up with.
    • Well to get the Created Date, Closed Time, Tech are very easy and the wizard can do this. The Duration with the exclusion of weekends get tough for my limited SQL know how.

      I did find this:


      That might offer some help.

      Sorry I cant be more help.
  • I am very grateful for your time
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