K1000 Patching Adobe Flash Player 18 NPAPI but not Active X version.

We have been patching Adobe Flash Player, both the NPAPI (plugin for other browsers like Firefox) and Active X (for Internet Explorer) for a long time. Chrome takes care of the PPAPI plugin by itself so doesn't need to be patched. With the release of Flash Player 18 only the NPAPI plugin is being updated and the Active X version is failing to be patched. Most of our computers already had Flash Player 17 installed. I made a Managed Install in the interim but has anyone else experienced this issue? The patch details show both versions are downloaded as Associated Files (Patch-Smart.AdobeFlashPlayerActiveX18.0.0.160.exe and Patch-Smart.AdobeFlashPlayerPlugin18.0.0.160.exe).

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  • this happened before with flashplayer 17. it just happens if you use the patch that includes both versions. if you use the seperate patches for each NPAPI and PPAPI it works. but the patch that includes both versions fails to install both most of the time. - n1md4 6 years ago
  • The patch package delivered from Lumension includes both the ActiveX and NPAPI plugins together. The NPAPI one installs but not Active X. Chrome is auto-updating the PPAPI plugin so I am not concerned with that. The answer given below is based on not using the built in patching capability of the K1000. We have been patching Adobe Flash Player for years without having to mess with MSIs, EXEs or command switches and this is not working right any more. - RichB 6 years ago
  • I've got the same issue. The scheduled job says its running and that it was successful, but when I check my client it is still the old version. Initially I had wide spread failure as it said the patch was available, but was never downloaded. - cb3inco 6 years ago
  • Yes I had the same problem with it initially not being detected as needed so wasn't downloading too. This new K1000 method of packaging two different patching updates together is not helping when they are not both detected properly! - RichB 6 years ago
    • Didn't realize they were going the route of packaging updates. Have you opened a ticket with Kace yet? By the way. I'm just down there street from you Rich. I work at the C&MA, fairly new Kace customers. - cb3inco 6 years ago
      • Ticket submitted! Stop by some time to chat. I'm the only "Rich" in IT here. - RichB 6 years ago
  • Dell Ticket is coming. They have "packaged" updates based on patching subscriptions for a long time. The default view in 6.3 shows "Applicable Packages" by groups now instead of individual patches. Expanding the group "Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player" reveals two active patches. When I apply this individual downloaded patch called "APSB15-11 Adobe Flash Player for Windows" it contains both plugins (NPAPI and AcvtiveX) and one is broken. They used to allow separate plugin patch downloads within the built-in patching. - RichB 6 years ago
  • Thanks Rich - good to know. I just opened a ticket too. - cb3inco 6 years ago
  • I am having the same issue regarding NPAPI and Active X patches. Thank you guys for the info. - jklay 6 years ago
    • Make sure to open a support ticket. I've done this and they asked me to make sure I was running the latest and greatest - which I upgraded to, and still have the problems. Hopefully they address this quick. haven't heard anything back yet. - cb3inco 6 years ago
  • Has anyone gotten any feedback..support has gone cold at the moment. Gonna ping them again. - cb3inco 6 years ago
  • We have the same issue and one of our guys have also filed a support ticket. Would like to get this fixed asap so we don't have to create an MI to distribute the update as versions prior to this are being reported as exploited in the wild. - erush 6 years ago
  • I had to create a Dell Software Account ( I just started in May) but I submitted my ticket today. - jklay 6 years ago
  • in the past, (and actually I prefer them) but we have used KACE scripts to push out Adobe Reader, Flash, Java updates. It is nice to control your bandwidth at times.... - jklay 6 years ago
  • Anyone get updates? I got an update on Friday saying that a support ticket with the Patch provider closed a ticket with Dell on this issue, but the Dell tech didn't really say what the ticket was about and that I should try a detect and a patch redownload, but haven't had any luck. - cb3inco 6 years ago
  • No response from Dell support on my ticket yet. - RichB 6 years ago
  • Here is my entire email:
    Hello Jacob,

    My name is Chris Brock and I am your ticket owner. I am happy to assist you with this issue.

    There is an issue with the patch. We are working with Lumension to resolve it. I will update you as soon as I have more info.

    Kind Regards,
    Chris Brock - jklay 6 years ago
  • Interestingly enough Adobe released an out-of-band patch. Hopefully this will stick and Lumension get's it right - https://helpx.adobe.com/security/products/flash-player/apsb15-14.html - cb3inco 6 years ago
  • is now in the patch feed. While it seems to patch for ActiveX, we're having some mixed detection results of some showing Not Patched. Not entirely sure of the cause yet. - erush 6 years ago
  • Looks to be working for me. - cb3inco 6 years ago
  • Is any else's KACE not showing the latest Adobe update--> APSB15-16? - jklay 6 years ago

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Posted by: RichB 6 years ago
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The release of the newer version of Flash Player from Lumension is working fine to update both NPAPI and Active X plugins. Both were updated and detected:

Adobe Flash Player 18 ActiveX ( 06/25/2015 19:35:59 - Detected

  Adobe Flash Player 18 NPAPI ( 06/25/2015 19:35:59 - Detected

Posted by: aragorn.2003 6 years ago
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We´re using the .exe version of the ActiveX plugin, and everything works as expected.


Two ideas. Try the .msi and enable logging using the /L*v switch. Also it can happen that the enterprise distribution page on the adobe site gives you the wrong (old) version. please look under details of the file. (this happens 2-3 time within the last 5 releases)


  • Thanks for the input. My Managed Install with the MSI is working fine as a workaround since patching is failing. - RichB 6 years ago
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