As an advertising shop, we are very frequently tracking our Adobe licensing via KACE for the sake of internal auditing. The K1000 nicely combines every version if the CS suite from 1-6 as a Suite, so that we can meter it and run reports for install counts.

However, I don't see Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) listed as a suite in my K1000. Is there a plan to include this? It's much more difficult to report using the individual application names (ex: Photoshop CC) rather than the full suite, considering how packaging works for these applications
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  • I am no KACE expert, but Adobe CC is more a portal. You can install what you are licensed for, but also try out (new) other stuff before buying.

    That is the reason I did not package Adobe CC, because users do not have right to download/install that stuff anyway.
    • Adobe CC is still a new version of the Creative Suite for all applications, however. So having a way to track this via KACE as opposed to the CC portal is pretty much a necessity for us

      Eventually youre going to have to switch your model to Adobe's most current, in order to keep up with the industry. There are ways around the issue of admin access for app installs and downloads.
  • You might need to submit this as a support request. We moved to a site license for Creative Cloud so I no longer need to track usage for the suite but if KACE isn't tracking this correctly it may be a bug.
  • I don't think Adobe is really tracking suites by version as of now. I think what you'll see are version number releases for each individual app. I may be wrong.
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