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I am working on a second queue for another team in my company and my custom scripts still seem to be running from the original queue.  I checked any of them that identified a queue ID and made the change but it seems to have no effect.  Am I missing something obvious?


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  • Were these created by the wizard or are they SQL?
    • Turns out my issue had to do with Labels and a few other settings. All working properly now.

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The appliance inserts a statement limiting the rule to the queue where it lives at runtime. You will need to copy your rules to the other queue.

Answered 08/14/2019 by: chucksteel
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  • I copied and renamed them to be unique. They don't seem to run. Do I need to specify the queue on the original queue so it isn't running globally?
    • Make sure they are enabled. I think they become disabled when you copy them.

      No, you don't need to specify the queue.
      • I had them enabled and the original queue was still sending emails. Even when disabled, the original queue sends emails for certain custom rules. Perhaps I need to change something in the original queue to prevent it from working globally?