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k1000 is sending out email to everyone.  It sends to people that are not even associated with the ticket.

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Can you please be more specific? Are you saying that any ticket change mail is being sent to all users in your K1 ?

Answered 08/20/2019 by: AbhayR
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  • Well we have several ticket queues setup. But one queue in particular is giving us this behavior. Lets say I create a ticket, then I assign it. So yes in answer to your question is that any change is being sent to all users in my K1. I did set the queue to email any change to the ticket but that should only go to the ticket owner. But my other queues don't do that. Even though I compared the email settings. They match. Any change that I make in the "fixit" queue does not act the same way as the "CCfix" queue does. It is the CCfix queue that sends email out to everyone even people outside or organization because if the K1 see's their email address then it sends to them too.
    • Can you post a screenshot of the Email on Events settings for your queue? You can add it to your question above.
      • I guess I don't see how to add the screen shot
    • Hmm. I guess a link to the screenshot will have to do.
    • What version of K1 is this ?
  • Are you using Custom Ticket Rules for this particular Queue?

    It will help to know what's in the body of this email they are getting.