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    I have a handful of machines in my inventory showing up with inaccurate information. I'm half suspecting it to be a BIOS thing but just checking with everyone here if they've seen this before and if so what they did to resolve it.

The machines in question are various HP models throughout our campus most are the same models which check in fine with all the correct info but these few show up as 
Manufacturer: HPQOEM
BIOS Version HPQOEM - 20141211
BIOS Vendor - blank
Serial Number - blank
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  • So after looking at it the last 2 days it just randomly does this to 22 machines at a time...reading through the hardware log it will inventory the machine correctly sometimes and then when it checks in again and performs another inventory will report in with blank info... I put a ticket in with Dell.
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If the serial number is missing, it's possible that the motherboard was replaced and the serial wasn't set when that happened.

Past that, the K1000 uses WMI to pull information from client computers. You might confirm that there is no WMI corruption.
Answered 09/29/2015 by: jknox
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  • I've gone to one of the machines in question and used powershells get-wmiobject command and the information shows up correctly... afterwards I run a force inventory while logged into the machine and it pulls the right info... odd. I guess I could walk around to the other 18 machines reporting incorrect and do that too but I'd like to know what's actually causing it to read wrong.
    • I usually run this to check WMI: wmic bios get serialnumber

      If that works, then WMI should be working, but that isn't always the case.

      With your workaround, you could put that command in a kscript and push it to the 18 computers.
      • Still didn't work... These trouble machines appear to only like when i log in with my domain creds locally...

        *locally as in i have to go to the machine and log into the domain as myself. (all domain users are set as admins of the machines btw so I can't see this being a rights issues especially with it only happening on 18 out of 700 machines)
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I could. I'm going to try and see what happens. wmic in cmd is also good thanks.

I'll comment back on the results of the kscript
Answered 10/01/2015 by: Veeohla
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