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K1000 - I want my users to see the available keys in the Service Center, but "License Keys" is empty.

08/05/2014 3136 views
So, let me try to explain this ..

We have users who have different needs with regards to software, and we have floating licenses for almost everything.

When they need to install something, they contact the helpdesk, and I go find the license key under our Assets in KACE Admin.

Is it possible for me to "publish" our license keys - there are quite a few - so that any given user who logs on can see them under "license keys" ?

This would save them time, and it would save our IT dept. time.

I've been reading - both here, and in the manual, and .. I have had no luck.

Thank you all in advance for any guidance.

- Odal
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You can set one license key in the console library to show it to the user:
The user will see it then:

If you want to show multiple keys, use the comment fields.
Answered 08/06/2014 by: Nico_K
Red Belt

Thank you for replying.

Will all users be able to see the key then?

What I basically would like, is to have a list or "catalogue" of license keys that our users can browse through with relative ease. So that when someone needs to use ...say..  VMware Player Plus, he just logs into KACE, and looks up our license key (and, also, if possible, a direct link to an installer, ideally a local file on our fileservers)

I'll have to create an entry under assets for every single piece of software, right? ... Yes I will. *Puts on another kettle*

Answered 08/06/2014 by: Odal
White Belt

  • You need to enter it in the Softwarecenter (Helpdesk-User Console Library)
    And all users which are allowed to install this software (need to be in the user label linked to the item and also on a PC which is known in the KACE)
    will see it.

    Btw: it would be great if you comment the answer.
    Since all users are able to vote all answers it is possible, that your answer is not easy to link to the original post, which can easily happen when multiple answers are posted.
    Thanks ;)
  • Thank you very much.

    It's beginning to make sense now! :)