A former tech has departed our company and I have removed his account from the All Ticket Owners label and even deleted his account off K1000, however he is still getting notifications when users are submitting tickets. Screenshot below shows "Jose" as being the former tech. I have no rules in the appliance that would result in such behavior.

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  • This seems weird to me. If the tech is no longer part of your company and all his accounts are shutdown it means that somewhere in either your Mail server or Kace config there is a relay to his private email. You need to follow the ticket from creation through your mail server.

    1. When you create a ticket is there a rule firing sending to a distribution list/email/account with message rule?
    2. Is there a distribution list/email/ account associated to specific categories of tickets?
    3. Can you track the mail through your mail server?
    4. Is he only getting Mails about specific tickets?

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