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I'm using a k1000 and attempting to deploy Java 7 Update 21 to windows 7 machines. I'm planning on using the the "Execute After Logon" option to get around the problems that occur when you install java while a browser is running. So far everything works like a dream, except that the message users see while Java is installing is this:

Can we change this message to something else? Or is that feature not available?


EDIT: I'm using a managed install for this deployment.

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Settings> K1000 Agent >KBOX Agent Setting
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You have to go to the following and change the splash screen message. 

Settings> K1000 Agent >KBOX Agent Setting 

That is where you can change the message. 

Answered 05/15/2013 by: nshah
Red Belt

  • I thought for sure this was it, but changing this message didn't change the message I'm seeing during the deployment. I even tried deleting the MI and recreating it (because you never know). My gut says that your right and I'm doing something wrong but... I'm not sure what that could be.
  • Go to that test machine or any machine delete the folder for the MI that is created (if you don't have it set to deleted downloaded file).
    • I checked that too. Its set to delete the downloaded files. Just for kicks I'm gonna grab another machine that hasn't been touched by the MI and see if that changes anything.
  • Woot! That worked like a dream once I switched machines. Your awesome! :)
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did you check custom pre-install message and fill it in?

Answered 05/15/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • Yup, when I do that I get a second box to go along with this one. Which seems less than ideal.
  • We have only had that box appear when the client was updating, but I don't think we have any MI's that execute just after login. Definitely not zesty
    • Just to clarify, I'm using a managed install to deploy the software. And no... not zesty :)
      • yea I was thinking MI but came out wrong
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