I have configured multiple KACE scripts to install software on my windows 7 x64 computers.

All software is repackaged in a custom packaging framework.


The scripts look like this (all the same) :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<kbots xmlns="http://kace.com/Kbots.xsd">



<config name="Install - Adobe Reader 11.0.01" type="policy" id="91" version="1370850287" description="This package will install Adobe Reader 11.0.01">


  <execute disconnected="false" logged_off="false">







  <verify on_failure="break" attempts="1">


    <file_version_is path="C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader" file="AcroRd32.exe" expectedValue="" />

    <registry_key_exists key="HKLM64\SOFTWARE\<company name>\Packages\Packnames\Adobe_Reader_11.0.01_1.0" />



      <create_message_window name="Already Installed" title="Adobe Reader 11.0.01" message="Adobe Reader 11.0.01 is already installed. Please uninstall the product before attempting to reinstall it." timeout="60" />




      <create_message_window name="Software Installation" title="Adobe Reader 11.0.01" message="Installing Adobe Reader 11.0.01 on this computer." timeout="1800" />

      <install software_id="2482" name="Adobe Reader 11.0.01" install_cmd="setup.exe /q:n" download_location="http://<KACE APPLIANCE URL>/orgs/2/2482/Adobe_Reader_11.0.01_1.0.zip" checksum="c6e9e452c0f6ba74be1936d387365786" flags="DZ" />



        <destroy_message_window name="Software Installation" />

        <create_message_window name="Software Installation Completed" title="Adobe Reader 11.0.01" message="Adobe Reader 11.0.01 : installation successful!" timeout="60" />




        <destroy_message_window name="Software Installation" />

        <create_message_window name="Installation FAILED" title="Installation FAILED" message="Adobe Reader 11.0.01 : installation FAILED !" timeout="3600" />











The software installation is configured as following :


- Package : Adobe Reader 11.0.01 (<package name>)

- Install args : setup.exe /q:n (always the same...)

- Delete downloaded file and unzipped contents. (always selected)


Now, that last part is not working : all sources remain cached in the C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\Downloads directory, even after a successful installation. Here's an example:

Started: 06/10/2013 13:46:55
Finished: 06/10/2013 13:48:23
Elapsed Time: 88 second
Status: 2

Output Log

Running as: SYSTEM
File Info Operation success: file C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe, success=0
File version AcroRd32.exe is not (fail)
Installed: Adobe Reader 11.0.01

Activity Log

Creating message window: Software Installation Adobe Reader 11.0.01 Installing Adobe Reader 11.0.01 on this computer. 1800
Destroying message window: Software Installation
Creating message window: Software Installation Completed Adobe Reader 11.0.01 Adobe Reader 11.0.01 : installation successful! 60

Did anyone encounter this problem already? I'm on the latest KACE 5.4 SP1 (clients are up to date)...

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  • So is this a Managed install or a Script? The 1st code above is a script, but the output log and the reference to "Delete downloaded file" make me thing this is a MI.
  • It's a script, not an MI :)
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From the looks of it, you are installing a software package in your script.

To my knowledge, scripts don't have an option to delete downloaded files, only managed install do.  Scripts also don't have the ability to unzip on their own, you have to add a task for it.

As a workaround, I'd suggest creating a smart label that targets machines that have the software installed, then to create and use another script that deletes the files after they are used.

Answered 06/10/2013 by: jknox
Red Belt

  • The sources are attached to a "Software" from the inventory. They do get unzipped.

    In the install options, there's a feature to delete the sources.
    This feature does not work on any of my client systems.

    Here's a screenshot of the configuration:

    As you can see next to "Flags", it should delete the sources after they are used.
    • Fair enough, never checked flags. I'd say enable debug on a test machine and see what the runkbot log tells you. Submit a trouble ticket to support as well so it can be looked into.
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