My Patch schedules don't seem to run, even when i select to run them now. Is there any where I can view the progress of a patch schedule as it runs?

I've got all the patches downloaded. I created a smart label that lists all XP SP3 critical patches, then created  a schedule that detects all PCs running XPsp3 that don't have those patches, it found 66 PCs.

However, if I try to run a detect and deplot for the same patch set against ny one of  those PCs nothing seems to happen.

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At the bottom of your patch schedule screen select "Show All". This will list all machines, and their status.

Answered 07/11/2013 by: dugullett
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Run at first a simple detect job. Are there results?

If yes, run the deploy job after the patches are downloaded.

If no, remove the label for a test and detect against all missing patches.

Answered 07/11/2013 by: Nico_K
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  • I've got 2 schedules at the moment, one that just detects XPsp3 pcs that don't match up with my Critical XP patches smart label. This schedule seems fine, I left it running last night and it's found 67 PCs.

    My second schedule is to detect and deploy to one of those PCs but it just doesn't seem to do anything. If I click the show all link at the bottom of the scheduel page it says it's completed but the patch status shows :

    patched : 0 not patched :0 detect failures 0, deploy failures 0

    I'll try it again on that single machine against all patches.....
    • Are there patch labels associated with the second patch schedule?
  • No, same again with all patches. Status still shows the same. It's setup to show patching progress on the client PC but nothing shows up there either. Does it matter if the PC is logged in or not?
  • Still having no luck with this. It occured to me that we previously had a wsus server and the clients have a registry directring them to the old wsus server. I've removed the key but the updates from the k1000 still don't run. The status changes to detecting then straight to completed.
  • Check the last entry of this question: http://www.itninja.com/question/patching-via-k1000-ineffective-and-slow

    We were having the same problem, and a patch to the K1000 seems to have resolved it.
  • ok, so I contacted kace support, ran the patch. Still having problems though , same behaviour detects then completes without deploying. I did get it to patch on one machine immediately after I'd joined it to the domain.

    My colleauge reckons that local wsus settings from registry/gpo will override the kbox patching so to test I did a gpupdate /force on this PC, kbox patching failed on it straight after that. Can't get it to work again on it now, even though I've removed teh group policy and checked the registry and all seems clear. It's odd that it worked on this machine in the first place mind as I'd have thought it would have got the gpo settings as soon as it joined the domain.

    Has anyone else had any problems with wsus and kbox patching? Just asking while I wait for kace support to get back to me as they're pretty slow.
    • As a test, try removing one workstation from the domain by setting it to a workgroup, reboot and then rejoin the domain. Then attempt your K1000 patching. Let me know if that had any affect.
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