I'm trying to find a way to deploy Office 365 updates. According to Microsoft, we must use SCCM to deploy these updates... or use a "distribution point".
Do you know if that kind of deployment is possible using K1000 ? Has someone already used it ?

Thank you very much for your time.

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  • Are you using the MSI installer or Office Click-To-Run version?
    • Hi,
      Some laptops are installed via Office Click-To-Run version but I'm not sure all of them are installed that way.
      I know most of them are deployed via WDS, so I'm pretty sure a MSI installer is used for the deployment.
      I guess it's not possible to deploy via Office Click-To-Run ?

      • It is now possible to use device based activation for Click-To-Run. There is documentation out there but I don't have a link at the moment. For MSI based updates the K1000 should do a lot of the patching. Click-To-Run deployments should update automatically, unless you have blocked that via group policy.
  • Thank you. Actually what I'd like to do is to prevent Office clients from updating by themselves, because it generates a lot of trafic. As I'm new on K1000, how would you do to update clients thanks to K1000 please ?
    Thanks a lot.
    • You can distribute patches for the MSI version of Office using the patching module under security. If you have users with the Click-To-Run version and you don't want them to install updates, I believe you can control that through Group Policy.
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