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Hi everybody,

Here my problem :

After deploying DELL Kace agent by GPO (6.0.1027), when inventory is done, the appliance K1000 substitute some managed devices entries by anothers.

example :

* a managed device (X) is inventoried with an deviceID "1234" associated with an assetID "1245"  in database.
when a second managed device (Y) get inventoried, the server considers the device Y same as X (??) and the managed device Y get the deviceID "1234" (and assetID "1245" ) of X.

!!IMPORTANT!! : the KUID, HOSTNAME, Primary IP and Primary MAC of the managed devices ARE DIFFERENT.

In the server's logs, i track some BAD_MAC_IP entries.

Only a few managed devices are impacted. They have in common, the same Mainboard (ASUS Mainboard , INTEL Mainboard) but also they have VMWARE Player 6.x (or 7.x) deployed -by GPO- on them (same IP/MAC adress for the VMware Virtual Ethernet Adapter).

WMI seems to be OK on them, inventory.xml also

Does someone have found or solved that kind of problem?

Thanks in advance

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  • I vaguely remember issues with duplicated inventory on the 6.0 box, and having to use an additional option to prevent this kind of duplication. An upgrade to the version should sort that issue out, if not to 6.3 then at least to a 6.2 flavour
  • Thanks hobbsy for your answer.

    If you remember that additionnal option, i'm interrested.

    Recently, I've update the Kace clients to version 6.3.314 and i have the same results.

    In my case, The K1000 server is fullyfull updated (Server 6.3.113397, Appliance VMWARE VK1000 - 4CPU - 8Go RAM)
  • Try Settings>agent settings and enable the option disable duplicate device detection

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