I have a group of assets, that all belong to Group A, that are associated with time X. And then I have another Group of assets that all belong to Group B, and are associated with a different time, Y. Is there a way to create custom asset types or modify the existing Computer Asset to first; assign individual assets to Group A and once associated with Group A have a new field that associates Group A with time X. And the same thing for Group B. Assign individual Assets to Group B and then have those associated with time Y automatically – kind of like a parent child relationship.

I would also be open to the reverse. If some type of time asset could be created: X, Y, Z and then associate Group A, B, C with each time individually that would be fine too.


The key is once computers are in Group A or Group B I want them to automatically be associated with time X or Y. Or vise verse; once in time slot X or Y they are associated with Group A or Group B.

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  • You could theoretically do this with service desk rules, if you can determine which group an asset belongs in with SQL. Here's another question that involves updating assets with a rule: http://www.itninja.com/question/update-asset-data-from-inventory
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