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I am looking for a way to add a room number to an asset in the K1000. I have all of our locations set up and I want to add a room number to each asset to select a single drop down. For example, if the asset is assigned to our technology building, I want to assign it to a room number based off of that building and not ALL rooms in the organization. Is there any way to accomplish this? I could create a Room asset type, but that will list all room numbers in the organization instead of just ones in that building. Thanks! 
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Unfortunately I don't think this is possible without contracting with Dell Software professional services. We use a text field for room number, which might be more error prone but makes things much simpler.
Answered 10/05/2016 by: chucksteel
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We've added rooms to our Locations type.  Our rooms are the building code followed by the room number, such as "Monroe 101".  We also have the building name for those locations that do not have a room number (hallways, entryways, and such).  This way we can start typing the building name and narrow the list of rooms in the selection list.

Answered 10/05/2016 by: grayematter
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We have created for every building, floor, room an asset and the assets are interlinked. Every pc, monitor, printer, etc. - are assigned to one of the created rooms, where the device is.

You can edit asset types and add new fields to this asset type. Maybe you can help yourself with creating subtypes.
Answered 10/13/2016 by: svmay
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We deliver pro services for Dell and we have not been able to show a nested dropdown in this way within Asset records. What we have achieved though in our latest BarKode release is the ability to scan the Asset then scan a secondary location code into the Asset record, which would mean if you take Grayematter's advice and create a single level code for each sub location you can easily scan and update the asset record.Just about to blog on this feature, thought it might help
Answered 10/13/2016 by: Hobbsy
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