Noitced our K1000 crashed randomly this afternoon. Not super suprised, we have random slowness, hangups, ssl stops working at time, cpu lockups, etc.


Could not find anything in the error log but regular log had pages and pages of this type of stuff:

[2013-09-11 18:15:06 -0500] KBOX [info] ImportDetectLog P.STATUS Failure: 17411 '� �{O��S���w��j�u�`,+am�2�������sҜ�G��3���������tS�)��=���c��U��}�d�j��`�E؞�A4R��c��׺��9=":*����XA��5t�����    '�?p�zH��
[2013-09-11 18:15:06 -0500] KBOX [info] ImportDetectLog Count Failure: 17411 '� �{O�c��N=Κ��K�cY    k�D�^��kNq�KY�����G�K�k��)���5��c    ��5â’†�8���6�P`D�
[2013-09-11 18:15:06 -0500] KBOX [info] ImportDetectLog Count Failure: 17411 '�Gg��Z�H�J�>���aѺK+zl��a�Lˍu�;�E�Q����@o�� �K�0н���Ҥm�C���R6~6��J$��



Ever seen issues like this?



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  • Sanskrit?
    • After I copied and pasted what was in the log into this site it changed the format. I added a screenshot of the code to the post but its hard to see. Its all unreadable to me.
      I was more interested in what "ImportDetectLog Count Failure: 17411" could mean.
  • I would definitely submit a support ticket for all of these issues.
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