We have been using KACE for quite a few months now without issues deploying scripts, MI's, etc. to machines in our domain.  NOw to our issue.  I suspect this is something simple.

We now have a new domain that is in no one related to our original domain.  We are able to install the KACE agent to these boxes and it connects fine, but none of these machines can get anything deployed to them.  We are using the standard DNS host name as kbox in the setting and our domain here is correct.  I suspect we need to make a change here, but not sure what it would be.
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  • Can the clients ping the Kbox using the DNS if your Kbox? Also double check a config file on the client and see where it is pointing. Any chance you edited client hosts file?
  • Nope, they can't reach back to the KBOX in this site. Everything in the amp.conf just points to kbox. Thats why I suspect I need some sort of change that points it to the FQDN. They can ping that.
  • Now that I've looked at this more. I believe we are achieving this (( Append these DNS suffixes (in Order)). I'l pursue this in the other domain and see if I get positive results. Of course, if there is a better idea out there. Let me know.
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