our K1000 says there is an update for the agent package 5.5.30276.  I've uploaded it to the k1000 with the k1000 agent control panel and manually but the installed version does not update from 5.5.30276.  I see the change date on the files is 1/23/2014 so I'd assume this is the new package but it does not seem to reflect that in the K1000, so it keeps telling us there is an update.

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  • Same problem here. I had also tried to delete all updates of the agent current installed, and installed the new bundle, with the results that it reinstall the pass agent versions (5.5.30275).
  • Same issue here.
  • Same here.
  • I agree. This should have just been a link in the FAQ area for people to read that it doesn't actually upgrade but a fix that doesn't increment the agent version number up and then download and apply as needed.
  • I'm having the same issue here.
  • And I thought I was going nuts about this too, LOL!!
  • I would think this note would have been included in the Release Notes at the very least. I spent a good deal of time trying to investigate the issue as well.
  • Ditto - I don't want to be clicking "snooze" on this update every two weeks on each of the several ORGs in our KBOX. C'mon Dell/KACE, please create a patch which will correct this annoyance.
  • After wasting an hour on this, we finally came across this note. Who cares if the program code wasn't updated. Come on Dell, it's is sheer laziness to not update the version information to prevent system admins from seeing the huge pink "New K1000 Agent Bundle is available" message over and over with no hope of permanently dismissing.
  • i'll have to agree with others: waste customers time=waste company money. this is a no-brainer, kace engineers dropped the ball here.
  • What I hate about error messages that mean nothing is that eventually its human nature to ignore them and then ignore the ones that do matter. This should be corrected ASAP. I did ignore it for 2 months til decided was time to figure out why. WHAT IF IT WAS SOMETHING SERIOUS?
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Only the Agent bundle has the version number 5.5.30276, the actual agent is still 5.5.30275 since no code changes were made to the actual agent.

If it’s already been installed it’s not going to deploy the same version again and Auto Updates is not going to show a new version.

Both the Home Summary page and the Auto Update from KACE will still report a new bundle is available 5.5.30276 after applying the bundle kbin and can be safely ignored.

The requirement for this was just to give the ability to upgrade from the previous versions or install if not deployed that was not possible due to the package signing cert issue.

Answered 01/24/2014 by: KevinG
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  • Well this info would have saved me some time....
  • "will still report a new bundle is available 5.5.30276 after applying the bundle kbin and can be safely ignored" Wow that is LAME! I'm supposed to go back to my management who are not savy and just tell them to ignore this big pink message. Its this kind of laziness that gives IT a bad name and gets our jobs shipped offshore.
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Seriously?  Since when does an update alert that in needs to be installed and then once it is done it keeps on alerting?  I don't want to be clicking "snooze" on this update every two weeks when it is already installed.

Please fix.

Answered 01/27/2014 by: fillarea
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Here is a KB article that has some FAQ's in it about the agent bundle:


Answered 01/28/2014 by: brucegoose03
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  • Really... shouldn't only the Mac version be the one with an incremented version then? This cost me a couple hours is well!
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