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We updated to K1000 version 7 last week and since then the appliance has not been respecting the "Also Restrict by device Label" checkbox for downloads.
Filtering by user group still works fine.
The vast majority of our downloads are available to an "All users" group, which we then subdivide using Device Smart Labels which determine which OS is on a machine (Mainly Mac/Windows). Since the upgrade, users can see all software for both operating systems, no matter what device they have assigned or are signing into the user portal with.

While this is not the end of the world, it has already bamboozled several impatient users who are not reading the "WINDOWS" prefix on the User Download entry ;)

Any questions just let me know.
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  • I opened up an incident with Quest for this issue in late December when I discovered it while testing the 7.0 upgrade in our test environment. Quest is attempting to replicate the issue but there's been little feedback from them. I provided full documentation to them on how to replicate the issue. We also encountered an issue for having to select the specific device that you are on instead of deploying to the workstation you are currently on by default via the Web portal. This will cause issues for users who log into multiple workstations.

    I hope to hear back from the vendor with their results and proposed fixes some time this week but it's been over 3 weeks since I opened the incident.
  • Ah thanks! I was going to open an incident with Quest about this as well today if I did not hear anything. I will do so regardless to keep up pressure/ remind them of the issue.
  • I received feedback from the vendor for the KACE that I opened. This is working as (badly) designed. They will not be treating it as a defect.
  • Seeing the same issue - opened an incident as well. Not clear to me that this is 'working', since it no longer respects a restriction. Having an asset 'assigned' to an individual should not be able to override a device restriction - IMHO.
  • Still a problem in 7.2. SMH. Its August now. Starting to look for competitors.
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Urgh the site ate my answer- I hope its not gauche to answer my own question.

I talked to Quest support, and I was told this is a know issue and that:

This is planned to be fixed in the next release 7.1. They are pllaning to get back to the previous configuration.

When asked for an ETA I was told:

Don't worry, approximately for June or July, we don't have an specific date yet.



Answered 03/02/2017 by: Elliotpage
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