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We were looking into upgrading our K1000 from server version v5.2.38773 and agent version 5.1.38724 to fix some patching issues.  Is the latest 5.3 release a lot less buggy than the first version?  I saw a lot of posts when 5.3 and the first patch came out citing many issues people were having.  I don't want to upgrade our system and have to end up reverting back to the current version.  Any advice, tips and info would be appreciated.



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Since your at the recommended versions before you jump to 5.3, all I can tell you is upgrade the Server first then the client.

Also remember not to provision your entire network all at once with the new agent. Stagger it a bit.

Answered 05/01/2012 by: Tentacle Master
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I upgraded to 5.3 and the latest version of the agent and have had very few issues.

Answered 05/01/2012 by: ckubaska
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We have only had one problem with the newest agent since we upgraded and I currently have a ticket in with Kace about it.

We are not able to use the "Run As" feature on Windows Server 2003 machines, but it's working fine on Windows Server 2008 machines. However, running as SYSTEM works fine for all machines.

Oh, also, it appears that hey have updated some of the way that the data is sent from the agent. We used use the built in reports for monitoring uptime on PC's, but none of them work because they changed the format of the Uptime data. (Old agent reported it as X Days, X Hours, X Minutes, the new one reports it as D,H:M. So we had to modify the SQL in some of the reports as well as some labels we had running.

They've also changed the location of the Agent stored on the computer. It's now stored under:

x64 - C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\KACE\

x86 - C:\Program Files\Dell\KACE\

In order to force an inventory locally on the machine, you have to run:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\KACE\runkbot.exe 4 0

Answered 05/02/2012 by: chadbaldwin
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