Hi guys,

I have an installation running on a test PC - we are doing this on 32bit Windows 7 - I have a cmd file that basically:

- Installs (calling the msi, using some switches to run bits off)

- Then, it will uninstall the old versions using a wmi query

I do it this way, so the system has at least one version, so no chance of a problem and being left without.

I create an advert and set to install on log off/no user logged on, to overcome Internet Explorer open issues.

I get success in SCCM reports, but nothing on desktop - only the old version still, so the job definately has not ran.

Going back to manually testing, when I try and uninstall java, I get an error about a dll and have to run a javafix tool I found.

Anyone else having ball ache trying to deploy to these versions?


1. As part of my script can I copy back in the dll each time to avoid having a broken installation?

2. Read somehwere creating an MST may help - what attributes should I look for?

3. Any general help or tips to deploy better would be appreciated!


Thanks in advance


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Thanks a lot - will do some testing.


Has anyone had greater success using the exe, or then are you limited on context switches to disable updater...etc?

Answered 04/18/2013 by: Xenman
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Have a read of this, it might help.

I had problems with Java, that DDL problem sounds similair to mine.

If I was to install Java through SCCM, I would use a Task Sequence.

1) Detect old version of Java, if found uninstall.
2) etc Detect anoher old version of Java, if found uninstall.
3) Detect new version of Java, not found then Install.

Like Mass mentioned, doing a repair of Java just screws it up. A repair (forgot the proper word they used for this, maintenance?) is triggered when run the installer runs again and its already installed, hence the detection methods used in the task sequence will hopefully avoid that, or what Mass said in the my Q&A thread

Good luck!

Answered 04/15/2013 by: rileyz
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