Does anyone have a "setup.iss" file that works with iTunes 4.7 on Windows XP? I had the thing working just fine with my installation scripts for iTunes version 4.6, now I can't get anything to work.

Can anyone give me a sample "setup.iss" file for version 4.7 that works?

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Okay, well after trying an InstallRite package and finding out it wouldn't uninstall correctly I decided I had to figure out this answer on my own (since I couldn't find the answer anywhere on the web).
And I also want to say... Apple's iTunes 4.7 software is a really poorly coded installation (I've never had this much problem with making an application deploy silently). And their "setup.iss" file leaves something out, which is why I had to go to all the trouble to make a VBS script.

So, with that said, below is a VBScript I put togther after trying a wide variety of things. Part of it contains some custom settings for QuickTime (if you're interested in how to put these together, just read up on deploying standalone QuickTime). I think I added enough comments throughout the script to make it self-explanatory so I won't waste time in my post with repeating myself. To use the script, just place it in the same folder as the "iTunesSetup.exe" file (the script shouldn't care where it's stored, just as long as it's a writeable space - so no CDs, and that all the other files are in the same folder).

I've tested it on a Windows XP Professional machine, and things seem to be working just fine, and I'll refine the script and add other customizations as time allows (and after I figure out where iTunes stores the default preferences), but hopefully this may help others.

- Lucid

' Automatic iTunes installation and configuration script.

Option Explicit
Dim WshShell, objFSO, SystemDrive, strMessage

On Error Resume Next

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
SystemDrive = WshShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%Systemdrive%")

' Executes the installtion process using the "Setup.iss" answer file.
WshShell.Run "iTunesSetup.exe -s", 1, False

' Displays a notice for 10 seconds for the end user's benefit.
strMessage = "Please ignore the iTunes Welcome window that will be displayed on your screen during the installation process." + (Chr(13)& Chr(13)) + "(The window will remain on your screen until the iTunes installation finishes.)"
WshShell.Popup strMessage, 10, "Please be patient...", 64

' Verifies that the installer is loaded (checks every two seconds).
While WshShell.AppActivate("InstallShield - iTunes") = FALSE
wscript.sleep 2000
WScript.Sleep 2000

'Brings the installer to the foreground (seems to need both activations to work correctly).
WshShell.AppActivate "InstallShield - iTunes"
WScript.Sleep 1000
WshShell.AppActivate "iTunes for Windows"
WScript.Sleep 1000

'Sends keystroke to initiate the installation.
WshShell.SendKeys "N"

' Waits for the installation process to complete by looking for the log file.
Do until objFSO.FileExists("setup.log")
WScript.Sleep 3000

' Renames the log file in the event that the software ever needs to be reinstalled.
If objFSO.FileExists ("setup.log") Then
If objFSO.FileExists ("LastSetup.log") Then
objFSO.DeleteFile "LastSetup.log", True
End if

objFSO.CopyFile "setup.log", "LastSetup.log", True

If objFSO.FileExists ("setup.log") Then
objFSO.DeleteFile "setup.log", True
End If
End If

' Configures QuickTime preferences.
If objFSO.FileExists ("QuickTime.qtp") Then
objFSO.CopyFile "QuickTime.qtp", (SystemDrive & "\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Quicktime\QuickTime.qtp"), True
End If

If objFSO.FileExists (SystemDrive & "\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\QuickTime Player.lnk") Then
objFSO.DeleteFile (SystemDrive & "\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\QuickTime Player.lnk"), True
End If

WshShell.RegWrite "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Apple Computer, Inc.\QuickTime\ActiveX\QTTaskRunFlags", 2, "REG_DWORD"

' Uses TaskKill to remove the taskbar icon right away instead of waiting for a restart.
WshShell.Run "%COMSPEC% /C TASKKILL /F /IM qttask.exe", 1, False

Answered 12/07/2004 by: Lucid
Purple Belt

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I thought I would post my success story with packinging iTunes 4.7. I launched the setup to extract the installation to the temp folder. I then used AdminStudio 6.0 to convert the scripted MSI to a basic MSI. Finally, I used the tuner application to create a transform file. Works like a charm dring GPO deployment.

Just thought I would make it known that it can be packaged successfully. Any questions, please ask!

Answered 12/29/2004 by: viper_11111
Yellow Belt

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Follow below link to package latest version of itunes for Windows 7


Answered 06/14/2012 by: piyushnasa
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