I want to display a message before install a application so user will use the application then success rate will high if I achieve this it’s better use custom action with some delay 1 hours or something after 1 hour application should close automatically (force kill) then install requested MSI/MST it best practices  to use cortech

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  • Your question doesn't quite make sense, and you haven't specified what deployment tool you're using.
    It appears that you want to prompt the user to close the application, with a timeout that will close it for them and proceed with the installation. Your deployment tool might be able to handle that for you, or a VB installation script might be your best method of achieving this.

    As for 'cortech' :

    http://www.cortechperformance.com/ - Motorcycle protective garments - always best practice

    http://www.cortechsolutions.com/ - equipment for neuroscientists - probably a good idea if you're messing with the nervous system.

    Please provide more information than you are doing for the majority of your posts and define what 'cortech' is.
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