After installing the hotfix for the new version: 6.3.113398 one of our action buttons stopped working.

The button to access the c$ admin share on a remote computer only open the explorer on the local Computer.

Syntax: explorer.exe \\KACE_HOST_NAME\c$

Copy it to cmd works fine.

Does anyone have the same problem and maybe a solution or Workaround.


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  • We have the same issue with the latest hotfix. Hoping to have a fix for it.
  • We have the same issue with this update. Tech support remoted into the system yesterday but did not fix issue.
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There is a defect that was introduced with the 6.3.13398 hotfix version with regards to machine actions using escape characters like $, % and spaces.  Please submit a support ticket and refer to defect K1-17405.

Edited to add:  A K1000 update has been released to help with this issue: https://support.software.dell.com/download-install-detail/6055486?prodjid=1-DCAQNA
Answered 05/15/2015 by: jknox
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  • Thanks for your answer.

    At friday i have a Webex Meeting with Nico Kammel from Dell Support. I will ask him for a small hotfix or a .kbin file to solve this Problem.

    If I got some further news, I 'll post it here.
    • The Dell support tells me is the a hotfix in preparation. The date for the release is not known. Hotfix is currently still in the testing phase. The support anticipates a completion in the next few weeks. As long as you have to live with the errors.
      • Ugh...the old hotfix for a hotifx routine...
      • The hotfix has been released: https://support.software.dell.com/download-install-detail/6055486?prodjid=1-DCAQNA
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