has anyone come across an issue deploying a transform i have created using anything but the /passive switch

if i use /qn



it all fails


this is causing issues when deploying via sccm as it is exiting with a success cod 0 but not installing.

i have tinkered the shortcut locations but the script deploys fine with /passive

but that is the only command i can use.

any help would be appreciated


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You mention a script, SCCM can handle msiexec commands natively - what does the script do in addition to the command lines?

Create an installation log (/l*v <path and name of log file>) and see if that points to anything in particular.

Can you post your exact command line and any other relevant details and someone may be able to spot something?

Final thought - have a look at the InstallUISequence table, are there required actions in there that do not appear in InstallExecuteSequence table?

I could well be that the vendor has authored actions in the sequence that only run when running with a UI - hence the reason it will run with a /passive, but not /qn.

You might be able to mirror those actions in the InstallExecuteSequence to allow them to run during a silent installation.

It may be worth a conversation with the vendor if that is the case though.

Hope that helps,


Answered 10/19/2012 by: dunnpy
Red Belt

  • thanks for this big help, ill check out the install ui on monday, not sure why it cant pass as silent or why they would author passive but hey ho ill have a go monday cheers!
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i have it set to msiexec /i "response.msi" /passive

that works

set it to anything ending /quiet




and it doesnt execute even from command line so i know sccm aint the issue

cant see anything in the msi either

Answered 10/22/2012 by: keane2012
Brown Belt

  • its something to do with the progress bar, if i try to run /qb it works
    if i run /qn it doesnt
    must be something pointing at the progress bar i think
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Then there must be an action in the InstallUISequence that is only running when there is a user interface (/qb), which isn't being actioned when running without one (/qn).


If you can't spot it, then it would seem like a good point to talk to the vendor and ask them about silent installation of their product.

If they know what they're talking about then they will either tell you it's not possible, due to the way they've authored the installer, or provide you with further details on how to make it work.


Hope that helps,


Answered 10/22/2012 by: dunnpy
Red Belt

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