Here's the deal, I had 140 kagents that I had installed using group policy. Between kagent updates I replaced the original server that was sharing the installer/MSI files that the GPO would refer to. What I am experiencing now is when group policy attempts to install the new version it wants to access the old MSI share location to uninstall the older version of the agent first. That old MSI file no longer exists on the old or new server. I guess my understanding was that the new version would just install over the old - I didn't realize it would first attempt to uninstall the older version.

Any ideas on how i can get this to work without having to fire up the old decommissioned server?
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Yeah, so I ended up adding a CNAME for the decommissionedserver that points to the new one. The path to the MSI was the same - minus the server name. That resolved my issue. Not sure why I didn'ttry that initially. Thanks all who contributed!

Answered 03/27/2015 by: douglasd
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I learned this lesson the hard way on my first agent upgrade and now keep 2 old versions in the place they originally were. Obviously, that's too late for you in this instance. I had to copy the .msi locally and uninstall the old agent from each of my machines that had this problem. Hopefully someone has a more elegant solution. 

Are you able to provision from the K1000 to update agents that way? That generally does the trick for the great majority of my workstations and is the preferred method. 
Answered 03/17/2015 by: rockhead44
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  • I attempted re-provisioning before and they all fail with a message that says AGENT/MSI_ERROR_CODES. Not sure where to see the error codes to further troubleshoot. Assumed that meant it was attempting again to uninstall the old version.
    • I have not seen nor heard of that error code. May be worth contacting support.
    • Deprovisioning will still look for the old GPO if the agent was installed that way originally. That is most likely why it's failing. I'd say to contact support and get the old installer file and recreate the GPO.
      • That seams to be the case. I contacted Dell support and they weren't sure how I should proceed so I am going from device to device uninstalling and reinstalling the agent...
      • Douglasd, when you contact support, show them this thread. It should help.
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