I am creating MST for an application packaged by installshield.
If I don't install the ISSCRIPT.MSI then the application MSI is not getting installed.
As a work around for this I have removed the custom actions and added the property as ISSETUPDRIVEN=1 and the application MSI is installing fine.

the Issue is that after doing the changes in application MSI, the istallation has become silent and is not showing any dialogs.

please help.........
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Sounds like the application makes heavy use of InstallShield Script when displaying the dialogs. Here are 3 ways to proceed:

1) Make InstallShield Script a pre-requisite application
If you install ISSCRIPT.MSI beforehand the machine's Windows Installer will know how to handle the InstallShield Script imbedded in the MSI. (Yes, that way is kinda sucky)

2) Rewrite the dialogs of the MSI.
Create your own dialogs and cut/paste the key elements into your new standard MSI dialogs. This is complicated, frustrating and time consuming.

3) Recompile the InstallShield package with the latest version of InstallShield.
The latest version of InstallShield will permit you to load the SETUP.EXE bootstrap and it will pick up the ISSCRIPT.MSI and the application MSI. You can then alter the settings to recompile to a straight MSI without the bootstrap. I can't give you the details of how to do that (I use Wise) but I did manage to do that once using the InstallShield demo. Don't remember how though. Note that the demo version will inject some "EVALUATION ONLY" messages into the MSI, but then again since it's a standard MSI now, there are other tools available to remedy that.[;)]
Answered 03/15/2005 by: VikingLoki
Second Degree Brown Belt

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I suppose its a bit easier installing an application that requires an ISScript.msi in wise. I have just packaged an application requiring the ISScript to be installed on a target PC first.

All i did was include a command line in my Install.bat file which installs it first and then calls my transformed .msi file.
Answered 03/17/2005 by: teejay2
Senior Yellow Belt

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I have a similar issue with an app called Alchemy, haven't deleted any custom actions, but can't transform it for the same reason; If I use Wise to create transform, it says you have to launch from setup.exe, if I include property ISSETUPDRIVEN, then it skips all dialogs and doesn't allow me to customise the install.
Answered 04/17/2005 by: DuncanPaul
Orange Belt

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Installscript is a known headache for admins.

You're best bet is:

1. Follow the instructions on this site for removing the actions requiring the IScript.msi
2. Use AdminStudio 6.0 Pro to convert it to basic MSI (ONLY Pro has this ability)
3. Repackage the entire setup with both MSI's & pray.

You say that you got the evaluation version of Admin Studio 6.0 to convert an IS setup to basic MSI? According to Installshield you can't do this with the evaluation version. Did you actually get prompted by admin studio that the application you were using was and IScript.msi app? Or did you just follow the prompts to repackage it?

I'm just curious, I tried using the eval version of AdminStudio 6.0 Pro to convert an IS msi to no avail.
Answered 04/18/2005 by: Bladerun
Green Belt

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A lot of people have been telling me they've had a problem with this lately. I checked it out again and $#@&%! They stripped all compiling functionality out of the newer evals. (It used to inject EVALUATION ONLY popups into everything it made).

Looks like you need a non-eval AdminStudio 6 / InstallShield X to fix their stupid EXE launched MSIs now. I wonder what kind of rocket fuel they were drinking to come up with that half EXE half MSI concept? Now they want us to pay up to fix it. Gotta hate 'em.
Answered 04/18/2005 by: VikingLoki
Second Degree Brown Belt

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