Command line for customization
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  • You can create response file for most of the exe's developed using Install Shield using the command lines below,
    To create: [Path of exe] -r -f[Path of .iss]
    To use: [Path of exe] -s -f[Path of .iss]

    More information: http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/installshield-setup-silent-installation-switches

    Also, there will be some applications which will automatically create response or answer files somewhere in the application related directories when installed manually. An example will be SQL.
    • Thank you Vinod for your response. However I was asking specifically for the application Software House CCURE System 9000..
      • I see that this application has silent parameters. You can use the below to make the application silent.
        setup.exe /v"CCURE_HOSTNAME=SERVERNAME" /S /v/qn
  • What Vino is doing is passing an MSI switch (/v/qn) through the .exe into the MSI, while /S is for the .exe (silencing both installations).

    May want to pass an .msi log or do limited UI to test(/qb) and confirm before final deploy
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