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Our Kace system was set up with the Asset Type 'Computers' that lists all desktop, laptop, tablet, and server we have. I would like to separate each into its own Asset Type and list all servers under Asset Type 'Servers", Desktop computers under Asset Type 'Desktops', etc. 
I do not want to loose the data already collected under each device so recreating the device under a new Asset Type is not an option.

Thank you to anyone who may have an answer to this.  
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  • KACE is configured so that any device that reports into inventory is linked to the Asset using the default Asset type, in older versions that Asset type was Computer, with the newer versions that asset type is device. The type of Asset linked is not changeable, as far as I know,

    Moving Assets from one type is not really possible and would take some fancy SQL in a custom ticket rule, so not something I would recommend.

    However if you want to split your devices down into Laptops, servers etc then do it by smart labels using the inventory field of "Chassis Type"

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