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I was tasked with setting up our imaging and during our training the guy was fantastic for very basic programs like chrome/firefox/reader etc. But as I got further into this I noticed he didn't show me how to set up installs that are located on our network share such as:

Office 2016

Symantec Endpoint


and a couple other programs we have set up to just install over the network. I would like to get all these scripted but I am having trouble on finding much of a guide or anything in depth on how to set up Post-installation task details.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Being honest, I'm not a fan of doing a network post installation task just,  because you never really know if your network is going to be in available, always upload the dependency to the Post Installation task and use whatever command lines you need to launch it.... (A ZIP file , MSI, EXE, etc etc).

Anyway, if you don't have any other method, you will need to map the drive first then install. Another option would be to map the drive, copy the files locally and then install....

Post installation tasks are Executed from the Windows Desktop via Command Prompt, if you can do it from CMD, then a Post Install is capable of doing it.

1- Map the Network Share to whatever letter you need
2- Call for the ZIP\EXE\MSI you need OR, Execute a BAT File with the desired instructions

3- Remove the mapped drive (if you

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