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Want to create or find a report that will list out invoices by Vendor and then total the Invoice Amount field at the end.  
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  • How are you storing invoices? I've never heard of using KACE to do so, but if the price information is available in a field then it almost certainly can be reported on.
  • We have these built into Asset Management as a defined asset type. So I am trying to extract from that specific report topic. The price or invoice amount is a defined field.
  • Are you trying to select each Vendor and give the total for all associated Invoice Amounts?
  • We could have a use for both types of reports. Either with a filter to capture just a single vendor, say by month, for a monthly total. Then with every vendor, breaking on each one with an individual total.
  • Since the Asset module is built dynamically, it would help if you could post the SQL for selecting the Asset Name, the Vendor, and the cost field. From that, we should be able to get you pointed in the right direction.

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