For Example, I want to setup a machine with the RSA setup, but instead of running it through the network, I want to connect it directly to a switch and plug in my clients. The reason I ask, I have labs that are setup with no drops. They are all wireless. If its possible, I want to wheel in my portable RSA and switch and begin imaging.

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  • I would just create a whole bunch of USB flash drives with your image on it and then do everything sneakernet, since the RSA does need to talk to the K2.
    • I agree with this, I plan to do the same thing when I reimage the RSA boxes themselves.
  • Good Morning All,

    I submitted this question last year on my last bulk order of Dell machines. I was able to setup portable RSAs but it required having multiple VLANs and having it phone home all the time. I was wondering if anything has change with 3.6. Is it possible to have a standalone portable RSA with its own switch to image? This would help a lot, if not I have to constantly change the configs on both the RSA and switch, anytime I move locations. Is there any documentation on the RSA limitations?

    Current Year Setup

    I have 6000 new machines coming in and 6 locations which will receive this bulk. Some schools will get more than others. Ball park, about 1000 per site. I have 1 RSA at each site, but can only handle about 15 machines at a time. Adding any more and the RSA goes into a crawl.
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you can bring the wim file to the room on a computer.  When you cast you boot to the k2000 and remap the drives to the local computer to call the wim.

The machines boot the kbox to get there instructions and tasks, then the image casting switches over to local and finally it switches back to the k2000 for post tasks.  95% of the load is local.


Answered 06/19/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • So you mean changing Option 66 to point to the K2 instead of the RSA in this instance?
    • I have option 66 pointing to the main kbox on all my subnets.

      I do not need RSA's for windows with this method. I have 6 different shares and use preinstallation tasks to remap to the appropriate share

      I only use my RSA's to cast mac os x images because that gives me netboot on the needed subnets.
      • Very interesting, I have been thinking about doing away with RSAs so it's nice to know it's possible.
  • As long as they do not kill the ability to capture externally this works great.

    I am working on using the KBE_man to build the capture_wim.hta into my PE env so they cannot take that away from me.
    • If you get it working, please write a blog about it!
      • http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/create-dedicated-kbe-s-to-capture-wim-s-and-store-externally-for-k2000-version-3-5
  • http://kace.uservoice.com/forums/82717-k2000/suggestions/3038498-make-windows-share-imaging-hack-a-standard-feature
    • That's too old to still be "under review" but I guess their offboard storage feature was their answer to that.
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I have not tried this specifically, but I do know that if I delete KBEs on the K2, they stop working immediately on the RSA even without resyncing.  So it must do some kind of "phone home".

Answered 06/19/2013 by: nheyne
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  • Thanks for the quick reply. I'll figure something out. Maybe I can get a drop in the lab.
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