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We've began to transition into using K1000 Server monitoring and we use it now for Disk % on Servers. I'd like to set it up to watch specific Services, I know the Monitoring tool can see event logs but I find where these services would report to. Anyone have to set this up yet? I plan to open a ticket with KACE if no one has any insight. Let me know Thank you!
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I understand what you're asking, but I believe KACE doesn't support that natively. What you could do is create a script that can be run on a schedule that checks to see if a service is running. If the service is not running you can script it to restart said service. We have this setup for one of our servers (mail server) and it works quite well, but at times the service will freeze in the 'stopping' state where you cannot start/stop the service without rebooting. From there I don't know of a good way (through KACE only) to notify you if a service goes down. Maybe someone else can jump in and provide a better method. 
Answered 07/13/2016 by: MAXintosh
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  • Well K100 Monitoring can report on services stopping through the Event Viewer, so I'm going to start working in that direction and see where I end up. Thank you for your reply.