I have recently enabled Org's and would like to have a manual agent installer that when installed will poplulate that system into the correct Org based on the installer provided to the tech.


Is that possible?


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  • Depends on the filter options and I don't believe there is one there to use the agent version to populate into an ORG. Honestly I am not sure why you would use that as there are upgrades to agents done, like today that could affect where machines fall under. You are better off using something like their domain, IP Address.

    Or better yet, if they are organized in LDAP then I would use that as your ORG filter.
  • Unfortunately they are MAC's and not joined to our domain. They also do not have a standard naming convention. I'll talk with our infrastructure guys to find out if they are on their own Subnet but I don't believe they are.
  • Depending on how many MAC's you have, you could add a system description and use that as your key.
  • Yeah, I think what I'm going to have to do is go back and touch all of the ones out there and then moving forward add a step to the process for new systems that add's the dept to the description. Little leg work now but In the end it will pay off.
    about 100 mac's in this particular dept right now...
  • Can you separate them by ip ranges. You can use a org placement rule based on the ip.
  • Honestly I would let the MAC systems to go the default ORG and then just move them manually in the KBOX to the ORG you want them in. Once in there you can probably write a shell script to remotely add a system description and then for new systems build a filter after that. Might save you some leg work.
  • So over time the IP's have become very scattered at this building. so a range won't work. However, As we install the agents I am having the tech's add a tag -xxxx of the department so I can filter on that. I didn't want to let them in the primary org and then move them manually because I was concerned that they would pick up schedules from that org too quickly and I need to prevent that from happening.
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