...and then deploy them out as a mid or post install task?

I figure not, but just thought I'd ask the question. 
We have a few different Dell units (3040, 7270 etc) that we are imaging for a client and they have made a request to have various BIOS options changed as part of the imaging. One of these is to add a password, but we've also been asked to change a few other settings from default.

Can this be done with a script or capture tool...or are we looking at doing it manually?

Thank you

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We use Dell Command|Configure for this. It works great.
Answered 06/30/2016 by: chucksteel
Red Belt

  • Yup, this has worked for us too - cheers all.
    • Sorry, but How I can deploy it after
      • After importing the settings I believe you can export the configuration file and then import that into a multiplatform configuration. From there export an executable and run the executable.
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various manufactures provide i tool for managing bios on end clients if i can remember the dell equivalent is the DCCU, most of these work on a capture/replace mechanism

HP offer a similar tool and that works on a capture of the settings to a .config file and the settings can be changed in this file and the file along with the config tool deployed to end clients
Answered 06/30/2016 by: sparky86
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  • Thanks for the swift reply, we'll give this tool a go and see how we get on.
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You can use WMIC at the command line
Answered 08/16/2017 by: giesbrs
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I am not as familiar with the HP product, but from what I have read it is similar to the Dell one.

With the Dell one it exposes a bunch of additional settings to WMIC. You can then subsequently use this in powershell or other automated scripting tools.

I have never tried to do a capture, but I have used the "get" or "view" options to see the way settings are configured on a test box then create a script that sets those on target machines based on criteria. (adjust the automatic wake time based on system name for example)

Answered 08/16/2017 by: Thorvin
Senior White Belt

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