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John Verbosky did a great write up a while back about using WSUS Offline as a postinstall task. I followed the guide, and it would work, but not completely. WSUS Offline would run, but the task engine seemed to reboot it before it finished. I thought there might be another way to make this work, so I tried several things. I ran the AutoIt executable I created for WSUS Offline as a runonce task right after imaging. This would never continue updates after a reboot. Ideally, I would do it as a postinstall task so that when the machine was finished imaging it would be ready for deployment. Anyone having success with this? I see posts on ITninja about WSUS Offline, but they seem to all be pretty old. I don't want to continue down this path if everyone else found a better way. 
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What do you mean by the "Task Engine"?

I use WSUSOffline in my packaging builds, it works fine. You normally need to run a few passes to get all the updates applied. I use WSUSOffline on packaging  builds from Win7Sp1/2k8R2 all the way to Win10/2016TP4.

Sometimes WSUSOffline will keep applying the same update thinking its not applied - If you read the logs you can find out which one and exclude from the updates.

If you use .\client\cmd\DoUpdate.cmd this will return a MSI exit code. Ie 3011 or 3010, and probably others. What handler do you use for run the command, do they know what to do with the 3010?

And as I always say, log log log, read the logs. 
Answered 04/23/2016 by: rileyz
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