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We finally upgraded to 6.0.425 and have been using iPXE and it works fine on VM's but, yields different results on the different laptops Lenovo L380s and Y370s work just fine.  The Y260 that we have it hangs on initializing devices... I am using the same USB 3.0 dongles with all systems... All with legacy support... This worked fine using PXE... Any thoughts???

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  • Update the BIOS to the latest version.

    PXE Linux is being around since de 90s I think, KACE is now using iPXE, developed in 2012, there are some older devices who are not compatible with iPXE, updating the BIOS may be your first step.

    Some dongles or docking stations will require Firmware upgrades for iPXE, like the MS Surface Docking Stations.

    Try to disable boot manager password and test again.

    Also post a screenshot showing where they are getting stuck.

    If the VMs are fine, this may be a hardware compatibility issue, with either the Computer or the Dongle.


  • What happens while i hangs you reboot and attempt reboot into PXE, I have seen in my own environment that it hangs but i reboot and it boots normally.

    I then resolved the problem to ensure that the USB to RJ dongle drivers are stored in the correct KBE and re-cached the drivers and rebuilt the KBE after the drivers where uploaded to the K2

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