Is it possible to inventory machines which are not on the same parent/child domain as the kbox appliance? For instance, we are going through an aqcusition of another company and will not be incorporating their computers into our domain right away, but would still like to get them into KACE. It would also be great if they could use our KACE service desk.

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We have mutiple orgs on our kbox and they are by domain,  We have 3 different domains machines we put the cleint on.  Kace does not care what domain, or workgroup they are in.  The only gotchas are what credentials you use when you need to push a script as admin or provision or other tasks like that.   We have 2 of the 3 domains users link via ldap to the one kbox with no problems.  You just have to set up multiple ldap connections.

Answered 06/05/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • Thanks SMal. We too have 3 domains right now and KACE works just fine, however our domains are all related with 2 being child domains of the main one. For example, the parent domain is mycompany.com and the children are ca.mycompany.com and fl.mycompany.com. However, we are acquiring newcompany.com which mycompany.com has no sight into. We do not use the orgs of the K1000, but could we set up a replication share on a newcompany.com server which could communicate back to the kbox on mycompany.com domain?
    • Our domains used use the parent/child setup but we changed to separate domains for security reasons and use a tool to sync the staff domain accounts to the academic domain to allow them to use the same login in either domain. the 3rd domain is a test/development domain. When we split to 3 domains all we had to do is change the ldap setup on the box and set up connections for each domain in it.

      You would just add an ldap connection in that domain to the kbox
      • see
        they state: Manage multiple domains – Enable multiple domain support for decentralized IT environments.
        and also
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