Does anyone know why if I install only Word and Excel, the inventory appears as whole office suite installed?

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  • What inventory solution are you using? The K1000?
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You bought the office suite not individual programs, that is why.  You just choose to install part of the suite.

If you go into control panel - programs and features can you change the choices of what is installed without inserting the office media?  If yes you did install the entire suite, but choose not to make it all available to the users.


Answered 06/12/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • Yes, it is a complete suite of media and does not need to change. Only in inventory, we have no sure what is installed for the user.
    • At least now you know why everything thing shows up. This inventory is for the machine, and technically the entire suite is there on the harddrive as cab files under MSOCache\All Users\
  • that can be found by looking at HKLM\software\microsoft\office\"version"\"app"
    so word 2010 would be:
    if the path key exists that is installed there.
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You can always create a custom inventory rule to target your specific needs for a direct software record. For this example you might use:

FileExists(C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\Excel.exe)

And name it Excel 2010.

Answered 06/12/2013 by: jegolf
Red Belt

  • the problem is that if I install the machine in a word, excel and power point, k1000 appears in the inventory of the entire suite:

    Microsoft Office Access MUI (Portuguese (Brazil)) 2010 (14.0.6029.1000)
    Microsoft Office Excel MUI (Portuguese (Brazil)) 2010 (14.0.6029.1000)
    Microsoft Office Groove MUI (Portuguese (Brazil)) 2010 (14.0.6029.1000)
    Microsoft Office InfoPath MUI (Portuguese (Brazil)) 2010 (14.0.6029.1000)
    Microsoft Office Office 32-bit Components 2010 (14.0.6029.1000)
    Microsoft Office OneNote MUI (Portuguese (Brazil)) 2010 (14.0.6029.1000)
    Microsoft Office Outlook MUI (Portuguese (Brazil)) 2010 (14.0.6029.1000)
    Microsoft Office PowerPoint MUI (Portuguese (Brazil)) 2010 (14.0.6029.1000)
    Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 (14.0.6029.1000)
    Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010-64 bits (2010)
    Microsoft Office Proof (Inglês) 2010 (14.0.6029.1000)
    Microsoft Office Proof (Portuguese (Brazil)) 2010 (14.0.6029.1000)
    Microsoft Office Proof (Spanish) 2010 (14.0.6029.1000)
    Microsoft Office Proofing (Portuguese (Brazil)) 2010 (14.0.6029.1000)
    Microsoft Office Publisher MUI (Portuguese (Brazil)) 2010 (14.0.6029.1000)
    Microsoft Office Shared 32-bit MUI (Portuguese (Brazil)) 2010 (14.0.6029.1000)
    Microsoft Office Shared MUI (Portuguese (Brazil)) 2010 (14.0.6029.1000)
    Microsoft Office Word MUI (Portuguese (Brazil)) 2010 (14.0.6029.1000)
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  • Ah I see. Weirdness.
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