I'm attempting to apply the latest Adobe Acrobat 8.1.6 msp to our Acrobat 8 Standard admin install (currently at 8.1.5). During the application of the patch, I get this error:

Adobe Acrobat 8.1.6 - Setup
Internal Error 2602. File, A_FD_AcrobatFNP_dll_814.rtp.


The strange thing is, after the error gets dismissed, the msp is just gone. Deleted. I have tried a couple times. I also get the same error. I have tried it on our Acrobat 9 Pro install too. Does anyone have and ideas?

My next step is to try creating a fresh admin install but these MSPs take forever to install.
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Im assuming that you're running an admin install [msiexec /a 8.1.5.msi /p 8.1.6.msp] which will slip stream the 8.1.6 msp into the MSI.

Have you tried doing the same on the original unpatched MSI (im not sure which version, maybe 8.1.3)? If they're cumulative patches then they should install fine.
Answered 06/10/2009 by: PackageExpert
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Yeah, I'm trying to slip stream the patch in.

My understanding is that the acrobat updates depend on the eailer updates so to apply 8.1.6 you need to be patching a 8.1.5 install.
Answered 06/11/2009 by: parid
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I found this thread over on the adobe forums. Looks like other people have been having problems applying the 8.1.6 patch to 8.1.4 or 8.1.5 Admin Installs. It works on 8.1.3 though. So I created a new fresh 8.0.0 install patch it to 8.1.0 then 8.1.1 then 8.1.2 then 8.1.3 then directly to 8.1.6. Worked.
Answered 06/11/2009 by: parid
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yea thats exactly what I meant. That is to try the 8.1.6 on the previous patches, for instance, 8.1.4 or 8.1.3 in which, according to the forums, patching on 8.1.5 returns an error. Good to hear that its working, care less about the failed merge to 8.1.5 as long as you've achived what u wanted.
Answered 06/11/2009 by: PackageExpert
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Download Acrobat Pro or Standard. Extract the content from the setup.exe so that you get a AcroPro.msi or AcroStan.msi (C:\Adobe\AcroPro.msi)

Then download all the updates you need and put them in the folder you just created. "C:\Adobe\AcrobatUpd910_all_incr.msp" +  "C:\Adobe\AcrobatUpd912_all_incr.msp" etc

Open a CMD windows with the location "C:\Adobe". You can shift-rightclick on the "C:\Adobe" and choose "Open command window here" or just CD to the right location. 

1. You first need to extract the AcroPro.msi
1.1 msiexec /a AcroPro.msi /qb targetdir="C:\Adobe\Extracted"
2. After the extraction is done, now you can start installing patches 
2.1 msiexec /a "C:\Adobe\Extracted\AcroPro.msi" /p C:\Adobe\AcrobatUpd910_all_incr.msp /qr
2.2 msiexec /a "C:\Adobe\Extracted\AcroPro.msi" /p C:\Adobe\AcrobatUpd912_all_incr.msp /qr 
2.3 Keep on applying patches till there are no more. Remember to check the right sequence to apply them.

3.0 You administrative installation is now finished. Rename the "Extracted" folder to something that makes sense and copy it to the location you want. Remember to copy in the setup.ini from the "C:\Adobe\" folder to the C:\Adobe\Extracted\" if you want to use the "Adobe Customization Wizard"

This all can be scripted and this is how I've done it:

Copy the patches and the script into the root of the extracted setup.exe (same location as AcroPro.msi) 


:: Extracts the contents from the original .msi to a location.
msiexec /a "%~dp0AcroPro.msi" /qb targetdir="%~dp0Extracted\"

:: Needs to be with the .msi so that the "adobe Cust Wizard" will work.
xcopy /y "%~dp0setup.ini" "%~dp0Extracted\"

:: Add as many lines as necessary to apply all patches
msiexec /a "%~dp0Extracted\AcroPro.msi" /p "%~dp0AcrobatUpd910_all_incr.msp" /qr
msiexec /a "%~dp0Extracted\AcroPro.msi" /p "%~dp0AcrobatUpd912_all_incr.msp" /qr 

Answered 06/19/2014 by: Norpy
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