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Sysprep is removing the Intel graphics driver on our E6520 so when the image is deployed we have  "Standard VGA Graphics Adaptor" installed instead.

I thought I could create a post install task on the K2000 to install the Intel driver, but have not had any luck.  Other post install taks work, but not the Intel. I tried removing all other post installs except for the Intel task.  I have uploaded the driver as a ZIP file and am using the command "SETUP -s ".

Any tips?  We mostly use the K2000 for deploying images, and I am just now using scripting for a few things like deploying the K1000 agent, so any level of help would be appreciated.


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I had zipped the driver files inside a container folder. Zipping only the driver files resolved this issue.
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Hi Daniel,

  I have an image that works for 6520s, and I actually don't have a post-install task for the graphics driver.  I do however know our 6520s don't get the proper screen resolution until after the first reboot in our process.  I will take a look at what I have on the k2k for you and see if I can find exactly where I got it on.

  The first thing I would do in the meantime is make sure you reboot after you put the image down.  The second thing to check is whether it comes in a Windows Update, as part of my process is having our guys run Windows Update before our first reboot.  With your post-install task, make sure you have the box checked to not have it prepend msiexec.

Answered 04/24/2012 by: philologist
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  • Sorry, with not prepending I'm thinking of the K1K. The only core driver I put on our systems as a post install are the E6x20 Intel LAN drivers. I have them zipped and use setup.exe /qn /s /nr. What OS / Service Pack are you putting on them?
  • On a previous version of this image, the graphics driver did not get stripped out. After making some updates on the image, it is now getting removed.

    This is a Win 7 x 64 sp 1 image.
  • I'm using the same OS, so you should really be ok. I can try to dig in our image to see if the graphics driver is in there somewhere rather than being applied through something like Windows Update or Dell Update. Have you tried taking the /s off the post-install task so you can watch whether it is running, and temporarily removing all the other post-install tasks to troubleshoot just the driver? There may also be a logging option for the install you can turn on with a different switch. Also make sure you zipped the file set, not a container folder with the file set inside.
  • I can't believe it - you called it with that last sentence. I had inadvertently zipped the folder and not just the file set. Thank you for your assistance! It is installing correctly now.

    I would still like to know why it started getting removed, but that I am fine with this post install until I get time to rebuild the image. Thanks again!

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What happens when you run setup -s from CMD prompt?

Answered 04/24/2012 by: dugullett
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  • Running setup -s from CMD prompt you get prompted for UAC approval and if you allow it it installs.