Hey guys, here's the setup:

Windows 7 x64 Enterprise clients
InstallShield Setup.exe that does not expand into an msi file

Given that the installer does not use an msi file, I ran a 'setup.exe /r' successfully (with the software completely and correctly installing) and a 'setup.iss' file was generated in the Windows folder.

I copied that setup.iss file to the installer directory and tried 'setup.exe /s /f1"C:\<path to installer directory>\setup.iss"' from an elevated command prompt. 

I watch in the processes list as 'setup.exe *32' pops up, following briefly by a few 'ISBEW64.exe' processes, and then 'setup.exe *32' disappears, (obviously quiting with an error).

There is a setup.log file that is created in the installer directory that reads:

[InstallShield Silent]
File=Log File

I have tried to research 'ResultCode=-3' but what I have found indicated that the 'setup.iss' isn't right.  I have tried to create different setup.iss files under multiple conditions, but none of them seem to work when doing a silent install.  I know it's at least finding the setup.iss file because when I misspell the file name, it gives me a 'ResultCode=-5' instead.

I have not been able to get verbose logging, (I tried /verbose) and I cannot find any helpful information in the computer event logs or %temp% directory.

Does anyone know how I could get a better idea of why or where the error is being thrown?

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  • If you add /f2 you can get logging.
    Can you elaborate on your scenarios?? Machines have the same software already installed and are all x64??
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Its likely you have a custom authored dialog in the UI sequence which is not being captured in the iss file, have you checked the iss contents for each dialog?
-3 refers to invalid dialogs listed.

If you have AdminStudio/Wise you'd be better to recapture and convert to mis, if not you'll need to programatically work this out by getting the window handles and sending messages to the appropriate controls to replace the iss.

Or get a newer version of the product.

Answered 04/07/2015 by: deliveryboy
Orange Senior Belt

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Agree with Deliveryboy; do a setup capture.  I've found that ISS files should only be used on the same OS platform that created it (eg; create it on XP, it has to stay with XP. Same with 32- or 64-bit) but some InstallShield setups will create an ISS file and simply not use them, no matter what you try.

The log file only has one setting; crappy.  No verbose option, so the -3 is the best you can get out of it.

Answered 04/08/2015 by: vjaneczko
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