I'm trying to set up an unattended install for a school program called Accelerated Reader.  There's the base install (v. 6.01), and then an update (v. 6.36).  The 2 setup files are run from separate folders, so they shouldn't really interfere with each other.  I created the first unattend file with a simple setup.exe /r.  For some odd reason, if I add /f1setup601.iss, it won't create it with a modified name; it'll still just create setup.iss.  Whatever - setup.iss works, so that's not my primary question.

Then I move on to the update.  I create an unattend file the same way, move it to the install folder, and nothing happens.  The log file first gives me error -8:  Invalid path to the InstallShield Silent response file.  So I tack on /f1setup.iss, and I get error -5: File does not exist.  It's right there!  I see it!  I've tried creating it under a different name (/f1setup636.iss) and running it that way, and I get the same message.  For giggles, I've tried placing it in a subfolder and do /f1ISS\setup.iss, and same thing.  I've done /f1c:\...\setup.iss (no spaces necessary) and same thing.  Why doesn't it see the unattend file?

And the worst part is, the entire installation is 2 clicks:  This will upgrade: Ok.  Setup is finished: Ok.  Is there a command that can just accept all defaults in a basic installation?
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can you post some screen shots of the errors, and the exact commands you're running?

Maybe they just need some double quotes around the file paths? I see that a lot when spaces are in names of folders or file names
Answered 08/12/2015 by: brucegoose03
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  • The explicit path worked. Apparently, even though there are no spaces anywhere in the path, it needs the quotes to run properly.

    For some reason, %~dp0 didn't work when I tried it in cmd prompt. Maybe I typed it wrong... It does work though when I run it in KACE, which is the ultimate goal when I iron out the kinks.

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FWIW, I *always* use explicit paths when dealing with files. For situations where you may not know the eventual path, use the old %~DP0 dodge: /f1%~DP0setup.iss
Answered 08/13/2015 by: VBScab
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Maybe it's the way the text has come through on this page but it looks as if there is no space between /f1 and setup.iss, if you haven't a space, could you try that? I sometimes found putting in the full path to the .iss file helped. So you could also try '/f1 c:\folder1\folder2\setup.iss'
Answered 08/13/2015 by: alphabeta
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  • A space doesn't work. In the documentation I've seen, there's supposed to be no space.
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